Open for Business! Grand Opening 12/12/18!

I’m selling my photography to make money to help get The Everett and Austin Project going. Please let me know which picture you would like, including which size and how you would like to pay. I can take money in many different ways.

My “Open for Business” special is $25 for any 16×20 poster, or $40 for any 24×36 poster. That includes tax and postage to anywhere in the US, or delivery in the greater Peekskill New York area.

Tex with Blue Mountain Reservation Waterfall Poster (24x36 poster shown)

Tex beside 24×36 Poster of the Blue Mountain Reservation Waterfall in Peekskill NY

Favorite Effects Gallery

Other Favorites Gallery

January 2019 Favorites Gallery

Bible Verses Gallery

Most Popular Gallery

Personal Favorites Gallery

Peekskill NY Gallery

A Green, Blue Mountain Reservation Summer Gallery

Fall Colors Gallery

Depew Park Nor’easter 11/15/18, Various Colorings Gallery

Flowers Gallery

Carmel NY Gallery

Tampa/St Pete November 2014 Sunset Gallery

All Photos Gallery


If you didn’t see something you like here, no need to fear. There are almost 500 images located at the following Instagram hashtag – #photographybytex. Or you can get there through the following link:

Please know that all proceeds are going to a GREAT cause, helping the poor who are going through Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. The disease that took my two boys, Everett and Austin, from us in this life too soon.

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