One Minute Clip That Says A Lot, NTV News Uganda

By | November 23, 2018

The once healthy, bubbly boy began to lose his strength.

With that one, I have not bothered that much. I have no money and I’m also hypertensive. I resigned to my fate and told him to wait on the Lord. Then the others fell ill too.

About 5 years ago Paul Kayonga’s wife, apparently tired, packed her bags and left. He now cares for his 3 sons on his own.

According to doctors, Paul’s former wife carries the gene and any other male child she might have will most likely have the same condition.It’s a X-recessive gene, that’s how we describe it.

So these conditions are seen in boys. Because the boys have one X. The one abnormal X definitely shows that you are going to have that presenting condition.

But you have one abnormal X, and one normal X, it won’t be seen. Which is girls have 2 X’s and boys have 1 X and 1 Y.

Credits: Josephine Karungi, NTV News Uganda

2 thoughts on “One Minute Clip That Says A Lot, NTV News Uganda

  1. Ellen Zellner

    Paul, you are not alone. Tim is working night and day on fundraisers and I am working diligently to help Tim. We desperately want to help you and your sons. Keep The Faith- God never gives you more than you can handle. I have a son with multiple disabilities and it is difficult on a daily basis because there is nothing we can do to stop their suffering, all we can do is pray and rely on the help of angels.

    1. Tim Gillen Post author

      Yes Paul! We are on our way. We are gaining new supporters everyday! Today I spoke with Miss Santia Deck’s assistant and I have learned that Santia is VERY interested in becoming a spokesperson for The Everett and Austin Project. I’m SO excited. What an amazing young woman. She expects to represent the US in the Olympics summer of 2020!! Very well spoken young lady. Check this out! YouTube – Is this the Female Barry Sanders?


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