Current Needs to Serve

Here is the list of needs that we at TEAAPI (The Everett and Austin Project, Inc.) want to serve and meet for people. I have tried to prioritize the order of the list according to what we know right now:

  1. Kayonga Hardware Center. Ssegganga Village, Gobero Town, Wakiso District, Uganda. Paul Kayonga’s new shop needs a sign for the front of the building, shelves for products in the interior and also to increase inventory. $277.
  2. 12 more Cerebral Palsy Chairs for those children suffering from Cerebral Palsy in Soroti District in east-central Uganda. Also a food package for each of the 12 families. We have already previously served 12 other families in Soroti like this. $400.
  3. Completion of Ssegganga Primary School. The school where the Kayongas live needs finishing after years of neglect. It has been sitting half-finished for many years. Very dilapidated. $9000.
  4. Reusable Sanitary Towels, Self-Sustainable Shop. Similar to the project that we started in Kasese District for reusable sanitary towels, we are starting one in a slum in Kampala, the capital of Uganda. $790.
  5. Mama Janet’s Self-Sustainable Shop. Ayumo Janet’s family is struggling with little to no income. They would like to start a used clothing business. $1000.
  6. 15 Self-Sustainable Shops for 15 Duchenne Families in Kenya. Of the over 40 Duchenne families identified in Kenya, 15 of them have little to no income. $15,000.
  7. Mubiru Glorias’s New Eye. Gloria has been suffering from eye cancer and had to have her left eye removed. When her eye heals enough and heals up a little more. $554.
  8. TEAAPI Homestead. The long term goal is to have a homestead in Uganda where we can house individuals who are suffering from Duchenne and other rare diseases who need specialized care from a caretaker. $22,000.

TOTAL – $51,041