Mayor of Peekskill, Andre Rainey, expressed interest in a couple of my photos. In particular, he liked the one I took looking west on Main Street that includes the new firehouse.

I had an idea that I should offer one to him as a gift. He was all for it and graciously agreed to meet this past Saturday morning. His adorable 5 year old son, Z, took this picture for us.

Z had a birthday on Sunday! So please be sure to wish him a happy birthday!

I have another gift-giving thing this Saturday of the same thing to the new fire station. I’m looking forward to that too! Peekskill is definitely an up and coming town. Lots of good signs all around.

Looking Down Main St West at Main and Broad St (Peekskill)
Looking Down Main St West at Main and Broad St (Peekskill)

By Tim Gillen

I'm a born-again christian, sold out to serving the needs of the less fortunate and in Sub-Saharan Africa. I founded The Everett and Austin Project in October 2018 to honor my 2 boys posthumously by helping people living in poverty going thru Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy and other rare diseases. My sons each died of Duchenne, Austin in 2012 at age 16 and Everett in 2017 at age 22.

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