A. Ongoing needs for Paul Kayonga and his 3 boys

Paul and his oldest son are in and out of the hospital every week or so. Expenses have been very extreme. We currently need $177 which is in arrears with the hospital right now.

Julius is so weak and ill that he is unable to go to school at this point. His Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy seems to be entering its final stages of deterioration of his body. Very sad. Please pray for strength and the presence of God to comfort the family during this extremely difficult time.

Tim, Teina, Celia and the Kayongas at SSegganga Primary School
Tim, Teina, Celia and the Kayongas at SSegganga Primary School

B. Sister Organization: Kyaninga Child Development Centre

6 children were reviewed for us by Barbra who works at Kyaninga Child Development Centre near Fort Portal in Uganda in eastern Africa. The initial 6 children were narrowed down to 4 children for The Everett and Austin Project to help as top of the list priority.

Kyaninga Child Development Centre in the front of the building

The four to help immediately were chosen based on the following criteria: They are taking their final exams for leaving primary school and will soon be resettled back into their community, possibly for good, and hence the need for wheel chairs. The wheelchairs that they are using belong to the school and will stay there when they go home. They need wheelchairs at home.

The four children all have been under an inclusive education program. They study at a school called RAP-CD in Kasese. These children have been using provisional wheel chairs from the school however when they have their break from school, they have no way of being mobile at home because they don’t have wheel chairs back home.

Barbra has been working with these children in their school setting and after obtaining the contact information for the parents, she has spoken with them about the needs.

Once the wheelchairs are obtained and the school term is closed, Barbra will schedule home visits so that we can observe how things are going and how and if they are able to use the wheelchairs at their homes. Modifications for the homes may be necessary.

Clockwise from top left: Musoki Evas, Thembi Musiime, Busingye Fred, Kambale Sanari

We have obtained permission to use their names and pictures to help raise funds for their care. Below are their details:

  1. Musoki Evas is a young lady who is nine years old. She lives in Kyarumba. She has an impression diagnosis of Spinal Muscular Atrophy.

  2. Thembi Musiime is a 16 years old male who started experiencing weakness at 6 years of age. Lives in Kinyamaseke.

  3. Busingye Fred is a 9 years old male (very smiley boy) that has developed chest complications, postural scoliosis, upper limb function loss and knee contractures. Lives in Kisinga.

  4. Kambale Sanari is a 17 years old male with muscular dystrophy whose weakness started at 12 years of age. Lives in Maliba sub county, Mpumuro village. Kambable has chest complications accompanied by severe wasting. His condition is worse than the following 3 children.

There is a fifth young lady who is a young girl in senior secondary schoo She has a fast progression of muscle weakness and her wheel chair is not in good condition. More details on this fifth person to help will be forthcoming in a week or two.

Please pray and donate to this project as you are able. Expenses for this project should run close to $1000 US. Each chair is $130, plus withdrawal fees and transport and other incidentals. Thank you.

C. Sister Organization: Desert Seed Foundation

Dennis in Soroti – Arapai (Uganda) taking care of Janet

Musasizi Heavens Dennis  and Stephen Okiror serving in Arapai, Soroti, Uganda have discovered a child named Janet (age 18 months old) in high priority, desperate need. At least $75 is needed to take care of Janet’s immediate medical attention. The $75 covers her consultation, lab work, treatment and reviews. It also covers her neurological review at CURE Hospital.

Many kids were found in the homes that they visited who have bad skin infections. More money and prayers will be needed for them.

The nearest health centers are over 10 km away (6+ miles). Caretakers have to walk over 10km to access medical attention for those who are suffering.

We pray to God to enable us to extend such health services to them in their villages without them having to walk those 10 kilometers.

UPDATE: March 11, 2020 we received the $75 needed to get Janet to the hospital to get be diagnosed! Thank you! Please pray for her ongoing care and financial needs that will arise from that.

D. Sister Organization: Community Rescue Mission

Isabirye Swaliki
Isabirye Swaliki

It’s really very Sad seeing such innocent souls suffer with undiagnosed diseases.

Isabirye Swaliki was born on 8th August 2018 . As soon as he was born, he started over crying and his mother never knew that this was the beginning of Isabirye’s suffering.

He is blind, dumb, can’t sit or move on his own . His mother tried to take him to the local hospitals but all in vain . He needs to be taken to a better hospital for better treatment.

Nangobi Dreena
Nangobi Dreena

Just like any other baby, Nangobi Dreena (2 years old) was born free and normal. She started experiencing abnormal conditions when she was 3 months old .

She started vomiting, losing weight and full body pain. She has been suffering with undiagnosed disease up to now . She can neither sit nor move. She is ever crying. Her grandma can’t afford to take her to a better hospital to be diagnosed because she is poor.

We call upon everyone who can support financially so that Dreena can be taken to a better hospital and save her life.

E. Sister Organization: Training of Rural Women – Uganda (TORUWU)

Augustine with Kasagga
Augustine with Kasagga

Kasagga is 13 years old. He has Spastic Cerebral Palsy with reduced muscle tone in both upper and lower limbs. 

He also has a congested cough. He cannot sit, hold or roll in bed. He does see and hear.

Kasagga is one of the many children that Mr. Augustine Yiga, Director of Training of Rural Women – Uganda (TORUWU), takes care of on a monthly basis. 

Funds are extremely tight for Augustine and his team. TORUWU has been in existence since the year 2000. They have become a place for disabled children to be brought to. Out of the goodness of their hearts they have obliged all of people who have been brought there. They are in desperate need of another facility besides the one that they have, specifically to take care of special needs children. We are praying about partnering with them to build such a facility.

We expect to visit TORUWU on our next visit to Uganda and plan for this new facility. In the meantime, Mr. Augustine is taking care of the disabled and is giving them physiotherapy. They need $200/month for this service. Please pray about partnering with us in this. Thank you.


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By Tim Gillen

I'm a born-again christian, sold out to serving the needs of the less fortunate and in Sub-Saharan Africa. I founded The Everett and Austin Project in October 2018 to honor my 2 boys posthumously by helping people living in poverty going thru Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy and other rare diseases. My sons each died of Duchenne, Austin in 2012 at age 16 and Everett in 2017 at age 22.

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  1. Nice Job Tim. I pray to God that you will get all the supply or Donations to help you through all that. I see the needs are so many. But still I trust that God will provide.

    1. Thank you Paul. It has been wonderful working with you in Uganda. You are a special man of God. I probably don’t share my gratitude near enough. God will provide our needs. He is able. Hopefully people will hit that donate button and we can accomplish much for God in your beautiful country.

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