Dr. Teina Daley, Occupational Therapist

By | October 3, 2019

We now have two board members for our foundation, The Everett and Austin Project! Dr. Teina Daley, Occupational Therapist, and the delightful Ms. Celia Pompey. Dr. Daley and I have been working on getting our foundation incorporated and a registered charity. So we are filling out all of the paperwork.

Tim, Teina and Celia


In one of the description fields on one of the forms, Teina told me that she got a little carried away with the description. But I LOVE IT! Wow, I truly appreciate all of her hard work on this and her faith and love for this project.

As we were chatting about the project late last night, she mentioned how much the project has rejuvenated her. I’m so thrilled! It has done the same for me too.

I’m including what she wrote in its entirety about the description of what The Everett and Austin Project is all about below…

A humanitarian crisis exists in underdeveloped countries across the world. The basic living needs of more than half of the population are unmet due to limited available resources. Families that live in remote areas have very limited access to food and water, medical and healthcare resources, and education. Limited access to basic life resources leads to chronic diseases, poor quality of life, and low life expectancy.

“In 2019, some 70 percent of the world’s poor will live in Africa, up from 50 percent five years ago…For Africa to end poverty by 2030, more than one person would need to escape poverty every second…” (Brookings, 2018)

The initial efforts of The Everett and Austin Project have provided a family of three children with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy in a remote Ugandan village with much needed food. Muscular Dystrophy is a debilitating genetic disease that damages and weakens the muscles, and leads to functional impairment, disability, and eventual death at approximately 26 years of age. Children in Uganda and other developing countries with this disease are often neglected and abandoned by their parents.

The overarching goal of this Foundation is to improve the overall quality of life for individuals and families in disadvantaged communities globally, who have limited access to basic life sustainable resources. One of the strategic plans of this mission is to develop strong partnerships with local, indigenous organizations, by supporting the community needs and teaching local leaders sustainable life skills. Our current partnership with the Sapphire Foundation in Kampala Uganda has already  provided financial support and intellectual guidance in support of their mission to help children in crisis.

Other long-term, strategic plans of The Everett and Austin Project include but is not limited to: expand the mission to other Sub-Saharan African countries and the African region, as well as other developing countries; meet the health needs of persons with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy and other rare diseases in the Sub-Saharan African country of Uganda; find creative ways to empower parents to ensure their children are educated; help families become self-sustainable; educate communities on healthy lifestyle habits; improve access to healthcare and other basic necessities of life; and improve the overall quality of life of individuals in underdeveloped countries.

One of the goals of our maiden journey in October 2019 is to further assist the father of three children the Duchenne muscular dystrophy in setting up a shop. This will allow the father to be self sufficient in supporting his family.

The mission of this not for profit corporation is to work in regions where humanitarian crises exist, and meet the basic needs of persons in underdeveloped underserved communities globally. 

– Dr. Teina Daley, Occupational Therapist

Reference: Kharas, H., Hamel, K., & Hofer, M. (2019). Rethinking Global poverty reduction in 2019. Brookings.edu.

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4 thoughts on “Dr. Teina Daley, Occupational Therapist

  1. Mubangizi Andrew

    A very good project, down to earth as regards Rehabilitation needs in developing countries like Uganda.
    Your objectives and activities are handy in addressing our umet healthcare needs. I salute you.

    1. Tim Gillen Post author

      And we salute you sir. It is so kind of you to comment. And we look forward to doing wonderful things together with you. God bless you, Tim

  2. Celia P

    Dr Daley’s heart and soul is sunk deeply into her professional calling as occupational therapist, and this is exhibited with passion as she administers assistance to those in need.


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