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  1. Ellen J. Zellner

    Hi Tim. I would like you to add my name as a supporter of The Everett and Austin Project. Let’s meet our goal of $10,000 ASAP. I am happy to help in any way I can with your mission in Uganda. I will be sending supplies to the orphan children as I am able. i have always had a passion for children and always wanted a large family!!! With two boys of my own and 60 orphans in Uganda now I have 62 children. The more, the merrier. I am so happy that my mom and dad bought our first and second homes in Peekskill which attracted me to your photography site. And look where that has brought us now. Mom always said God works in mysterious ways and to never question His ways. We appreciate each little small thing in life which leads us to bigger and brighter futures. we will get Zalambis’ orphanage/school built, little by little. i am at The Country Postman in Salt Point, near Millbrook. This is where I will be making my greeting cards. Nice family owned business with free computer since I dont have a computer- YET.

    1. Tim Gillen Post author

      Thank you for your donations to The Everett and Austin Project. Altogether it came out to about a thousand dollars. When I told you about my being behind on my rent, car payment and insurance it was SO KIND of you to offer to contribute all of that money to that. Your help that month was priceless. I told you then that if and when I come into money that I will gladly return the favor to you.

      God is at work in this project and we will persevere through any attacks of the enemy. God’s anointed hand is upon us and for that I will never be sufficiently grateful. Nor will I ever be sufficiently grateful to you for helping me with my expenses that month.

      God is good.


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