Many thanks to NOW TV Uganda and reporter, Paul Collins for doing these reports.  Our heart is that working together we will be able to create enough awareness to find a Good Samaritan, or Good Samaritans more likely, to help these people more. It’s just not fair that they have to go throug all of this in terrible poverty and during this COVID-19 pandemic as well.

Let’s band together to help them some more ok? 

How do you like that? Our very own Paul Collins did a report on NOW TV UGANDA on NOW TV News on May 7, 2020. Excellent report. Very well done. Thank you for increasing awareness of the needs in this remote village of Kyengera! God is good. Love you man. Check it out.

Then, one week later on May 14, 2020, NOW TV aired the story of Niwagaba Brian in Kyengera Town in Uganda (East Africa).

The reporter again is our very own Paul Collins. Many thanks to Brian’s sisters, Amanya Withney and Ainembabazi Faith for hosting us so nicely for this story. And also to Brian’s mother, Tongirwe Ketty, many thanks. Such a kind-hearted and loving family.

Many thanks to NOW TV UGANDA for airing this heart-wrenching story also.

Like the 3 Kayonga boys, Brian also has Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. The Everett and Austin Project has also provided him with his wheelchair, like we did for each of the Kayonga boys. Much more still needs to be done for them. Please pray with us about their care. How can we be more helpful to them? 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

Please leave a comment below to let us know you will be praying for these families. Also please feel free to ask any questions that you might think of. 

God is with us. Amen.


By Tim Gillen

I'm a born-again christian, sold out to serving the needs of the less fortunate and in Sub-Saharan Africa. I founded The Everett and Austin Project in October 2018 to honor my 2 boys posthumously by helping people living in poverty going thru Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy and other rare diseases. My sons each died of Duchenne, Austin in 2012 at age 16 and Everett in 2017 at age 22.

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    1. Hello Paul! Thank you so much for taking the time to reply personally to this post. God be with you and us and we continue in this journey of helping the most vulnerable in Uganda. Have a wonderful day! Tim

  1. Tim God will richly bless you more for the things you are doing, i will put them in my prayers.

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