Taiwo and His Mother in Lagos, Nigeria

Many thanks to each of you who have made this possible. Thank you for your prayers and encouragement and support, financial and emotional to help make this possible.

I am absolutely thrilled and filled up and overflowing with joy and gratitude that we could do this and help Bola and her son Taiwo with starting a “Foodstuff Business” in Lagos Nigeria.

We have been planning this out for at least a month, right Bola? I am so happy for you guys. God is good.

Taiwo has Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, like my Everett and Austin had. Taiwo is at age 14 which is when the disease really starts making a person very weak.

So it’s a very opportune time really for us to be able to help them create a self-sustaining income to empower them to make enough money to care for their own needs.

Many, many thanks to the entire team at The Everett and Austin Project and Hike for Duchenne. Good job. Ain’t it great to be in God’s work? Caring for urgent needs? (Titus 3:14)

Niwagaba Brian and His Family in Kyengera Town, Uganda

Niwagaba Brian has Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. He has many family and friends with him to help support him in his journey. The Everett and Austin Project has sent over money to help his sister Amanya Withney Withney Amanya and his mother Tongirwe Ketty to start a retail store in Bulenga, Uganda.

The plan for this retail store is to help the family to have a consistent income so that they can be self-sustaining. We envision the family being able to grow stronger in their ability to provide for their own means.

This is one of the major goals of The Everett and Austin Project – to empower those going through Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy and other rare diseases to become self-sufficient.

As you may have seen yesterday, we have done the same thing for Taiwo and his mother, Bola Aninashaun, in Lagos Nigeria. We are currently on hold for doing the same thing for Paul Kayonga and his 3 boys Julius, Herbert and Emma in either Ssegganga or Gobero, Uganda. We are waiting for the right timing.

Please pray with us for each of these three families. There are 5 total boys with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy that we are talking about: Taiwo, NIwagaba Brian & Julius, Herbert and Emma Kayonga.

Many thanks to each of you for your encouragement and support, both emotional and financial. God is good and it is such a blessing doing His will, serving “the least of these” in Africa. (Matthew 25:40)

“Our people must learn to devote themselves to doing what is good, in order to provide for urgent needs and not live unproductive lives.” (Titus 3:14)


Please tell us your thoughts and prayers and give us feedback about this in the comments below, ok?


By Tim Gillen

I'm a born-again christian, sold out to serving the needs of the less fortunate and in Sub-Saharan Africa. I founded The Everett and Austin Project in October 2018 to honor my 2 boys posthumously by helping people living in poverty going thru Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy and other rare diseases. My sons each died of Duchenne, Austin in 2012 at age 16 and Everett in 2017 at age 22.

8 thoughts on “2 New Shops!”
  1. This is beautiful beyond belief. I love the consistent focus and commitment to the principle of sustainability. That is so critical, not only to long term success, but also to preserving the dignity of the recipient. Kudos, blessings and prayers to all!!

    1. Thank you SO MUCH Randy. I am so glad that you “get it.” And I am so grateful that you are on our team helping us to accomplish these goals. You have been an unbelievably great addition to the team. God is good.

      Yeah the word that keeps coming to my mind is “empowering.” I love how these shops are empowering the people in Africa to be self-sustainable! 🙂

  2. Tim well said. This is establishing who we are and where our focus is and what we are called by God to do. May it be our endeavor to be used by God. Thank you.

    1. So good, right Celia?!?!? Wow we have come a long way in just under a year of working together, huh? I look forward to growing bigger with you and helping more and more people like this. God is good! 🙂

  3. The lord works in so many different ways. What a golden heart to giveth to those in need. Thank you so much TEAAPI for your most precious works. I believe their lives won’t be the same now.
    May the lord bless you indeed and all the members

    1. And you have such a golden heart also. May the good Lord continue to guide and strengthen us and ‘increase our borders’ to help more and more people. Thank you so much for the pivotal role that you have played in helping us to grow. I’m very excited about what the future holds. God is good. May His goodness and bounty abound in us and in Africa, starting with the “Pearl of Africa” – UGANDA! I love Uganda. 🙂

  4. May you be blessed by our dear Father in heaven and may the power of the universe be bestowed upon you for having such a wonderful heart. Much love and prayers sent to those kids and their families in Africa! x

    1. Thank you so much Lota. I am so glad that God has spoken to your heart about helping us with this great cause. Thank you for researching up on us and seeing what good we are doing. It is so good to see such happy people getting helped like we saw last weekend. Have you seen the youtube video showing our work with the Kayongas and how it is coming along? Here it is…


      I look forward to getting to know you more and working with you more on helping people in terrible conditions going forward. You are in the Philippines right?

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